Reactions As Buhari Launches Newly Redesigned Naira Notes

Reactions As Buhari Launches Newly Redesigned Naira Notes

Oyero Abiodun Yakub

Today at the State House in Abuja, President Muhammad Buhari officially unveiled the redesigned naira notes, which had previously been announced by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele.

With only a small change to its coloration, the newly introduced redesigned notes resemble the current one that is still in use.

Nigerians’ met the launching of the redesigned notes on social media with mixed reactions, with the majority criticizing the redesign. Some Nigerians asserted that the addition of the “Snapchat filter” was the only difference.


Senator Shehu Sanni, a one-time Senator representing Kaduna Central as a lawmaker at the Senate, took to his Twitter handle and wrote “if it’s Naira color, the CBN should have just engaged Snapchat”

@Dev_bidemi wrote “Did they use hypo on the old naira notes or Snapchat? Omo, when there are great designers out there, you guys will not employ them. Now abeg explain this to us? This is not a new note. This is Snapchat naira note”

@AkufaiJonah wrote “This is just bleaching of the old naira notes”

@iam_Asamz wrote “They should have just said any money printed less 2022 won’t be accepted again”

@WaleMartinz wrote “Arrest whoever “redesigned” this lol”

@JoshuaBukunmi wrote “This is the best time to introduce E naira Before the launching of the new notes CBN could have easily introduced the Enaira.. a lot of people would have opted for it. But the whole structure get as e be even the e naira no get enough weight”

@sHuga-dR wrote “Is it that the ink in the printers ran out during the printing process of the new notes? I think this was just a way to mop up the excess naira notes in the economy outside the banking sector.”

@thisisOluwakemi wrote “These Naira notes look like a filtered picture. The poorest Naira designs I have seen.”


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