Railway Scam: NRC Employees Collect Cash from Ticketless Passengers on Lagos-Ibadan Route

Railway Scam: NRC Employees Collect Cash from Ticketless Passengers on Lagos-Ibadan Route


In an alarming incident that has raised serious concerns about the integrity of Nigeria’s railway system, passengers traveling from Ibadan to Lagos on October 2nd, 2023, found themselves unwittingly embroiled in a ticket scam orchestrated by employees of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC).

A lady who documented the ordeal, recounted how she and her friends fell victim to a well-organized scheme at the Obafemi Awolowo Train Station in Ibadan.

The incident unfolded at approximately 3:40 PM as the group of five friends prepared to board the train after a weekend getaway.

A uniformed NRC official approached them, inquiring about their tickets.

When informed they were on their way to purchase tickets, he reassured them and instructed them to follow him.

Trusting the official due to his uniform and identification as an NRC staff member, they followed him.

However, instead of guiding them to the ticket counter as expected, the official led them through security checks and directly onto the train.

The lady immediately expressed concern about their lack of tickets, but the official brushed it off, promising to resolve the issue.

The lady and her friends were then handed over to another uniformed staff member and directed to Coach 7.

To her astonishment, she discovered that every passenger on Coach 7 had been lured in the same manner, without valid tickets.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, She attempted to seek clarification from fellow passengers, only to find that even new arrivals had miraculously acquired tickets on the spot.

Her suspicions deepened, and she confronted the official who had initially led them onto the train, who nonsensically claimed they couldn’t sit together if they went to purchase tickets at the counter.

As the journey commenced, passengers were coerced into paying substantial sums in cash, with the lady paying N18,000 for her group of five.

Shockingly, over 60 passengers in Coach 7 were extorted, each paying N3,600 despite not possessing valid tickets.

This revelation has cast a shadow of doubt over the integrity of the Nigerian Railway Corporation and highlights the urgent need for an investigation into this alarming ticket scam.

The NRC must address this misconduct, restore passenger trust, and ensure the safety and transparency of railway services for all Nigerians. 



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