PSG Supporter got Stabbed in Milan before Champions League Game

Mohammed Taoheed 

A fan of the Paris Saint-Germain F.C, PSG, have been stabbed in overnight clashes between football lovers in Milan.

This is before the UEFA Champions league game between AC Milan and PSG.

The Italian cops made this known on Tuesday, saying that the victim was stabbed twice in the leg and that he has been carried to Milan’s Policlinico hospital for treatment.

It was learnt that the supporter was reportedly injured when a group of around 50 Milan fans clashed with visiting PSG supporters shortly after midnight in the city’s canal district, a renowned spot for nightlife.

Meanwhile, two police officers were also injured after police baton-charged the French fans in an attempt restore order.

The incident is also a repeat of when a Newcastle fan was stabbed in the same Milan in September before his team’s champions league with AC Milan.


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