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President Buhari declares date for first session of the 9th National Assembly

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President Buhari declares June 11 as the inaugural session for the 9th National Assembly


As exercise of his executive power as President of the the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari has proclaimed the 9th National Assembly opened by declaring Tuesday, June 11 as the day for the first session of the newly constituted 9th National Assembly.


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This development is in conformity with the President’s power as enshrined in the section 64 sub section 3 of the 1999 constitution.


The section states that,



“The person elected as President, shall have power to issue a proclamation for the first session of the National Assembly immediately after his being sworn-in.”



The session scheduled by the President to hold 10:00 AM will now mark the commencement of a new legislative era where new principals including the Senate President and Speaker will emerge.



The proclamation represents one of the first act of the president since Wednesday May 29th’s inauguration as the proclamation with the President’s seal was signed Thursday May 30th, a day after the Eagle’s Square ceremony.



The new session of the National Assembly connotes the 9th time of four years interval since 1979 when Nigeria first adopted the Bicameral Legislative system.


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