Pregnant 1st wife sends 7-year-old daughter to kill 2nd wife’s 3-day-old baby

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Edwin Eriye

One Harela Uba, 22, house wife to one Uba Saidu has been arrested for sending her 7-year-old daughter to kill the 3-day-old baby, male, of Uba Saidu’s second wife.

Harela Uba was arrested after her husband reported the case to the police.

The husband of two, Saidu stated that his second wife, Fa’iza, had gone to the bathroom and left her three-day-old baby boy in her room, only to return and discovered whitish foam coming out from his mouth.

He was immediately rushed to General Hospital, Kuta, where they confirmed him dead.

The police invited, the first wife, Harel, who was 8-months pregnant for questioning, being the only one at home when the tragic incident occurred.

Upon interrogation, Harela confessed to giving her 7-year-old daughter, Khadijal, a poisonous substance to administer on the child.

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