How The Powers Of Appropriation Is Used To Commit Fraud Under Dogara – Jibrin

How The Powers Of Appropriation Is Used To Commit Fraud Under Dogara – Jibrin


1-Before the corrupt&fraudulent QUARTET Speaker Dogara, Lasun,Doguwa and Ogor mislead the Nigerian public again,let me avail you some facts

2-Now that I have raised allegations backed with documents to show that the QUARTET and their gang of few other corrupt committee Chairmen

3-are responsible for the fraudulent insertions also known as padding in various versions of the 2016 budget and NOT ME as they claim,

4-corrupt Speaker Dogara shamelessly made a u-turn on a National TV and declared that such insertions do not constitute an offense

5-For Dogara and his cohorts, Padding is an offense only if Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin is the accused

6-Today, they went disgracefully further to threaten that the budget is already a law&therefore no offense can be committed in that regard

7-This is clearly a diversionary plan to mislead the public, avoid the anti-corruption agencies and buy time to cover up their dirty mess

8-For instance let’s say an item in a budget proposed by the executive under Power for the purchase of a transformer cost N2million

9-andsame amount was budgeted.If the Chairman House Committee on power bcos he has the “powers”to appropriate decides to add N3million naira

10-to jack up the allocation to 5million naira when it is obvious the transformer cannot cost more than 2million naira,what do you call that?

11-That essentially means APPROPRIATION FRAUD! And such chairman is a FRAUDSTER, a common criminal!

12-let’s say he decides to reduce the amount to 500,000 thousand naira knowing fully well that, the said amount cannot buy the transformer,

13-what do you call that? APPROPRIATION SABOTAGE and such a chairman is a SABOTEUR!

14-I have no apology for saying this! Little by little, I will be providing more in-depth details

15-I challenge Speaker Dogara and his corrupt cabal to a public debate on their claim that the fraudulent insertions they made in the budget

16-is no to ffense that can be prosecuted under the laws of Nigeria.Rather than continue their futile effort to blackmail the entire country

17-or continue their begging mission to the Party, Transparency and Integrity Group of the House, Speaker Dogara and his gang of thieves s

18-submit themselves to the anti-corruption agencies and answer thousands of questions waiting for them

19-I am pretty sure not even the two Governors and three former House members backing them can help them evade the anti-corruption agencies

20-beyond budget issue,there are tens of other criminal allegations I raised against Mr Speaker & 12 others,non of which they have responded to

21-Speaker Dogara, Lasun and Doguwa are already a baggage that the APC should off load! Same for Minority leader, Leo Ogar to the PDP

22-Just to bring you up to date, I have forwarded to the anti corruption agencies documents showing how Speaker Dogara and the 3 others

23-allocated the 40billion naira they stole from 100billion for constituency, how they inserted about 20billion naira of wasteful projects,

24-how they cornered the entire 20% of inputs reserved for the house after harmonization exercise, attempts to force in about 30billion naira

25-of wasteful projects into the budget, attempt to force me to add strange line item&insert about 20billion naira in the service wide vote

26-using the name of nass, evidence showing that about 10 committees of the house made about 2000 insertions in budget worth 284billion

27- naira and indeed reports of 6 standing committees showing massive movement of money with clear intent to commit fraud

28-I have also commenced providing the anti corruption agencies clue on how investigative hearings in the house under Speaker Dogara

29-Speaker Dogara are used as conduit pipes to carry out massive corruption and how the house services committee chairman and the Speaker

30-runs & spend money meant for the House in absolute secrecy. I will continue to cooperate with the anti-corruption agencies&guide them on

31-how to crack the code of corruption that has assumed a monumental proportion under the very corrupt Speaker Dogara

32-It is sad that some civil society are now providing platforms for the disgraced Speaker and his group of corrupt 12

33-to embark on an expensive image laundry where millions of stolen money will be invested

34-It is however not surprising why some people call Nigeria a banana republic otherwise how can you explain the temerity of

35-Speaker Dogara who has maintained silence in the face of such criminal allegations against him, yet has the courage,

36-driving around in siren blaring convoy, step up on podiums, addressed as Speaker and talk, even talk about budget, budget!!

37-I cry for Nigeria…so long as we continue to respect corrupt people so shall our country continue to relapse…

38-the third approach is if the committee chair take away the 2million, where is he taking it to&for what? we may find out some thing…

It’s 38 tweets not 36, please. Don’t blame me, 40 is not a joke, old age don dey catch me. Please put me in your prayers and stay blessed

More updates shortly…

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