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Police wrongfully detain BTC trader over N3m deal

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What began as a straightforward transaction has turned into a nightmare for a young bitcoin dealer who is wrongfully detained in a police station.

A Twitter user, @letter_to_jack shared the story in a series of tweets, on Thursday.

It all started when an unknown person reached out via WhatsApp to the cryptocurrency trader, a university student, for a BTC deal.

The fellow transferred the sum of three million naira from a hacked company’s bank account to the trader and requested that he send the BTC equivalent to a crypto wallet.

Days later, the student’s bank posted a “no debit order” on his account. He went to the bank to lodge a complaint, and was directed to visit the nearest police station. On getting there, the police officers arrested him and transferred him to the police headquarters in Oyo State where he was locked up.

Efforts to contact the client proved abortive as the fellow was said to have deactivated his WhatsApp number, leaving the poor trader at the mercy of the police.

Read the full story below:

Someone hacked a company account then reached out to a uni student who does crypto exchange to make a living that they wanted to buy BTC.

They transferred a total of N3m over 3 days to the boy (2 accts) & asked him to send the BTC equivalent to a crypto wallet.

A few days later, the bank posted a No Debit Order on the student’s account. On getting to d bank, they asked him to go to the police, he went to the police station, then a couple of hours later they transferred him to police HQ in Oyo state. He has been locked up since then.

Before he went to the police, the boy tried to reach out to this random guy (who only communicated with him via whatsapp through the entire deal) but the whatsapp account had been deactivated. They laid to track the number but they git a report saying the number cant be tracked, because it wasn’t registered before they used it to sign up for whatsapp and it never made a call out to anyone.

When they arrived in Ibadan they got to know that the person who bought BTC had hacked a company’s account and stolen a total of N33million+.

Here is the crazy part: He paid for the BTC to the poor student DIRECTLY from the company’s account, thereby leaving no trail. The boy kept all the details of their chats on whatsapp but it looks like that will not be enough to exonerate him.

The poor boy is languishing in a cell right now among hardened criminals. Hes been there for 2days I think.

Now this is the reason im posting this: What do you guys think is the way out for this poor boy?

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