Police officer shoots 18-year-old boy after retaliating for being slapped

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A police officer in Umuaka, Imo state, has allegedly shot dead an 18-year-old boy for retaliating after being slapped.

The victim, Awuzie Duru, was allegedly killed within the premises of a new generation bank branch at Umuaka where he went to make withdrawals from the ATM gallery.

Blackbox Nigeria learnt that the victim had stepped aside from the ATM queue to answer a call and when he returned, the person behind him refused to let him back on the queue as this led to a verbal confrontation.

A policeman present witnessed the confrontation but did not interfere.
The fight soon turned physical and the policeman got involved, scolding Awuzie.

The deceased was said to have told the officer that he refused to intervene when they were simply exchanging words but came to scold him when it degenerated into a physical fight.

The officer reportedly slapped Awuzie for talking back at him, Awuzie returned the slap and the officer allegedly shot him dead.

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