Police Arrests Seven Suspects Over Ritualist Den Discovery In Ahmadiyyah, Lagos

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Police Arrests Seven Suspects Over Ritualist Den Discovery In Ahmadiyyah, Lagos


The Lagos State Police Command have confirmed that seven suspects have been arrested in connection to the ritualist den discovered in Ahmadiyyah / Ijaiye area of the State.

It will be recalled that the den was discovered in the early hours of Tuesday after a loud cry for help was heard from the direction. A resident in the area had informed BlackBox Nigeria about the discovery.

Another resident of the area, Tunde disclosed to the press that it was an official of the LAWMA who was on her duty of sweeping the road sides heard the cry and called on people to help her check the said tunnel.

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He revealed that the people on getting close to the tunnel where the noise was coming from, they saw two men and three stones at them, an act which was promptly retaliated, this made them to device way of getting them out to of the tunnel. He said someone suggested the use of petrol to cause fire, as soon as a tyre started burning from one end of the tunnel, the two men ran out through the other end and they got lynched to death.

It was gathered that Police intervention to rescue the two suspects was abortive as the mob ignored them. Further search into the tunnel led the people to a building where other suspects were successfully arrested without been killed by the angry mob.

Confirming the incident and the role the Police played in the discovery, Lagos Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni disclosed that seven persons were arrested and taken into custody as two others were not so lucky as they were been burnt to death by angry mob.


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