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PHOTOS: Zumratul Grammar School Old Students Renovate Classrooms In Igbogbo, Ikorodu

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Edwin Eriye

The dilapidated class rooms of the Zumratul Islamiyyah Grammar School (ZIGS), Igbogbo have recently been renovated by former students of the school.

While speaking with Blackbox Nigeria, one of the ex-student said “I’m proud to be part of The Millennium Set of the school. We saw the eyesore that used to be our alma mater and we decided to do something about it.

“The Millennium Set has fixed 4 of the classrooms and we’re happy to improve the learning condition at the school. Students that were once cramped now have more classrooms at their disposal”.

Bashir Banjoko, another Old Student of the school who wrote on his Facebook page said “This is a clarion call to all well-meaning alumni of Zumratul Islamiyyah Grammar School (ZIGS), Igbogbo.

“A visit to the school will show the deplorable condition of the environment where learning is supposed to take place! Yes, government is supposed to take care of this but you and I know that the proverbial camel will pass through the eye of a needle before any attention is paid to the school by those in power! If they were doing their job in the first instance, there won’t be any need for this post” Bashir said.

Class rooms before the renovation

The Zumratul Islamiyyah Grammar School (ZIGS), Igbogbo before now held their classes in a less  conducive environment.

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