Pathetic! Medical Practitioners’ Election Turns Bloody In Enugu

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The crisis that engulfed the Enugu State branch of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) took rather a dangerous dimension on Thursday evening as the chairmanship election of the body turned bloody.

Some members of the association who gathered at the Michael Okpara square for the election suffered serious injuries from thugs who invaded the venue allegedly sponsored by a faction of the body.

The thugs, numbering over thirty, had stormed the venue with dangerous weapons while voting was going on and started destroying chairs, tables and canopies among other objects being used for the election.

One of the voters, who spoke on plea of annomity said: ” This is absolutely appalling and disgraceful. Most worrisome part is when you condemn a thing like this, people will tell you it’s part of politics.

“Why should a mere NMA election turn this bloody? A professional body for that matter? We’re doomed.

“Something is terribly wrong with us. As a matter of fact, why should anybody be this desperate to serve the people?

“Obviously there are some motives that are far from being good. Motives that are only self-serving, greed-driven and devilish. We can’t just continue like this please! Oh no, we can’t!”.

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