Pastor makes church member’s phone ‘miraculously charge’ without charger (Video)

Pastor makes church member’s phone ‘miraculously charge’ without charger (Video)

Promise Eze

An African pastor has stirred mixed reactions on social media users after he miraculously commanded the phones of his members to be fully charged.

The clergyman commanded the phones of members of his congregation to charge automatically without the use of chargers.

He ordered that anybody whose phone was not charging during service would witness their device battery become fully charged instantly.

A member of the pastoral team then approached a lady and obtained testimony from her that the moment the pastor spoke, her phone started charging.

See video below

Africans love miracles so much and that is why you see churches that specialize in miracles with more than enough members trooping in and out. Some will keep moving from one church to the other in search of miracles. Once they hear there’s a new pastor in town that can do this and do that, you see them rushing there.

Many do not believe in miracles anymore due to the rate at which miracle churches are springing up everywhere in Nigeria. Some of these miracles are not even free, you have to pay for it.

Over the years, we’ve seen some African pastors perform miracles that left many in doubt.


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