Pa. Fasanmi Most Likely To Be Buried On August 4 – Son

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The late Yoruba leader, Pa. Ayo Fasanmi, is most likely to be laid to rest on August 4, according to his son, Folabi Fasanmi.

Aged 94, his death was announced on Thursday and was followed by tributes from President Muhammadu Buhari and South-West Governors.

In an interview, the younger Fasanmi said his father wished to be buried quickly after his death.

“As Baba wished, he will be loved to be buried as soon as possible,” Fasanmi said. “Tuesday, next week, is the most probable date for the burial at his hometown in Ekiti at St. Jones Anglican Church.”

Fasanmi, a geo-scientist and former aide to APC stalwart, Bola Tinubu, added that his father will share the same tomb with his wife, who died in 2014.

“The tomb is a double-decker,” he said. “Mama is lying underneath the double-decker. The arrangement was that who goes first will be under and who goes last will be on the top.

“So Baba will certainly lie on the top, be on top of his wife. I am sure they shall reunite together in paradise because they led a very good life.”

In the old Western Nigeria, Pa Fasanmi served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Old Western Nigeria Housing Corporation.

He was National President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria in 1977, elected into the Senate in 1979, and became a member of the House of Representatives in 1983.

He also served with the National Constitutional Conference Commission in 1994, as a member.

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