OUTRAGEOUS! See How Much Was Spent On Drinking, Smoking In One Night

Just when the news of lamentations of how hunger is hitting every States in Nigeria, one will see some spendthrift living their lives without a single thought about how dollars or any other currency is high or recession disturbing the economy.

BBN ears-and-eyes-on-the-street came in contact with a bill of an unnamed club in the heart of commercial city of Lagos.


According to the receipt above, N24,000 was spent for Sheesha, N440,000 was used for Hennessy while Moet Nectar (Rose) consumed N575, 000. Also, cranberry got its fair share of N5,600, Power Horse got N13,600 and N4,300 was used for water.

In depth analysis into the spending shows might be that of a birthday party typically hosted in clubs.
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