Outrage As FG Fails To Honour 26 Nigerian Women Buried In Italy

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Outrage As FG Fails To Honour 26 Nigerian Women Buried In Italy


For several hours now, there has been public outcry by Nigerians over the negligence of the Federal Government after non of it’s representatives were seen at the mass burial organised for 26 women buried in Italy.

BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the women died while on the Red Sea on their way to Europe. It was learnt to be a journey of seeking for greener pasture when they met their untimely death, with two being pregnant.

According to Trisha Thomas, a Rome-based journalist with Associated Press, the women died due to terrible suffering they went through in th course of the journey.

There were Nigerian women there who suffered through terrible journeys to reach Italy,” she said.

While responding to a question asked if they were any government officials present for the burial, Trisha disclosed that she never any of them during the event.

“In response to those who asked, I did not see any official Nigerian representative at the ceremony today for 26 women.”

BBN further gathered that the women died after a boat conveying them to Italy capsized into  the Red Sea. As at the time of filing this report, both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and office of the Senior Special Adviser on Foreign Affairs/Diaspora Matters has reacted to the news of the death of 26 women.


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