Outrage as Bimass Peanuts Faces Accusations Over Reduced Quantity Despite Price Increase

Outrage as Bimass Peanuts Faces Accusations Over Reduced Quantity Despite Price Increase

Ghazali Ibrahim

Bimass peanut, a product of Beecomass foods and confectionaries has been accused by citizens online over reduced quantity despite price increment of their product

A man named Arigbabu Sulaiman Olawale was seen in a viral video counting the pieces of peanuts found in a seal sachet with the product name tagged ‘Bimass peanuts’.

He commented with a furious tone, “Why??? If you no fit survive, close shop or try something else. Stop cheating. You increase price, reduce quantity and remove quality like pure water makers do.
Why? Why?? Why??? I dey vex”.

This has sparked a lot of reactions among netizens, calling for intervention into the act of manufacturers of consumable products producing lesser quantity to their acclaimed price.

A Facebook user identified as Onifade Adeshina gave reasons on the incessant act of the manufacturers.

In his words, “wahala, wahala, wahala. Naija for show. Manufacturers are also humans and Nigerians, they are crying really bad, baba. Cost of fuel, diesel, exchange rate etc are all contributory. On top that, our government just they ‘i assure you abi ashua you ni’. Bottom line is that our economy is in wreck but Nigerians ingenuity and thick skin against harsh economy is not of this world.

“Permutation and combination too much for us, a case study of that your wonderful full blown bag peanut. Egbon mi enjoy it while it last,” he lamented.

Also, Olatunde Malik, a Facebook user commented as, “Why? ..harsh business environment.. And means to break even… it is well…”

Corroborating the outrage, Abisagboola Shola Buky expressed with dismay on the act.

She said, “That’s what I keep talking about the depth of cheating heart and manipulative Structures we have that has no regulation system that truely works for us.
We keep robbing ourself yet, we go back to pray for God to bless and fight our battles.
God is not a Man that will lie.”

Not only Bimass Peanut is caught with this act but others like Knorr cubes which originally had 50 cubes before but reduced to 45 with an increment in the price.


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