Orunsen ‘The Source’ And God’s Benevolence By Deroju Ladega

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Orunsen ‘The Source’ And God’s Benevolence By Deroju Ladega

Today makes it exactly a year that the historic book, ‘ORUNSEN – The Source’ was launched. Yes, many things happened, it was a battle we won. Of course, I could not have done that alone! Cynics nearly had their way but yet God proved Himself. He was my EVERYTHING all through that remarkable phase of my life.

Princess Aderoju Ladega, Author, Orunsen – The Source

It would be an injustice to the existence of that epochal book if I failed to document a snippet of how writing of the book became a reality. The journey began in year 2016, shortly after I read the history of Lagos Island. I realized that despite the individualism and family interests, the islanders have a single trace to their founding. That realization drew me into wonderment on ‘How come my Ikorodu is different?’ This reality spurred me to ‘dig’ into some profound discovery which made me draw the conclusion that the absence of courage to say the true story of our founding fathers even when it speaks against our existential purpose as a town. On this basis, I challenged myself to pick up the gauntlet and live to my billing as a writer to change the narrative and put on record in proper perspective our story as a people.

Without allowing any form of delay, I invited my team members, briefed them on the next project in line, we had extensive brainstorming session, drew our plans vis-à-vis timelines, projection, contact base, resource persons, etc and we commenced work on the project to write the history of our beloved town, Ikorodu. At the beginning of the project, we made it a point of principle that in order to guide the objectivity of our research and sustain the integrity of the book when eventually released, we shall not visit any Oba within the division.

A thing of interest about this effort is that I had already consulted with some individuals I look up to in the society and secured their support before I duly informed my parents about this project.

Before I set out on the journey, I intimated Mayor Deen Sanwoola about my mission, and he gave his invaluable advice as usual, I also met with Dr. Taiwo Hassan and gave him an insight, he appreciated the fact that I am keen on putting our history on the globe.

The last person I met was Otunba Ganiyu Abiru, having heard he is a progressive minded person and that he has love for Ikorodu heritage and culture. I went with part of the Manuscript, and he gave me his words. He also assured me that the book launch will be part of activities for Ikorodu Oga Day 2017. And from that day he gave his word, he indeed stood by me!

I must at this juncture give credit to some folks whose contributions to this project remain evergreen in both my life and that of the project. Thumbs up to my strong and reliable team members; Olayinka Shojupe, Olumide Sotonwa, Wasiu Durojaiye, Abimbola Ajakaye and Rahman Kareem who against all odds stood by me. A big thanks to the Organizing committee members for the selfless and remarkable efforts they put into the project.

This day in retrospect, 13th day of November, 2017 was indeed a successful day. I felt fulfilled to see Ikorodu Town Hall filled with people, young and old, rich and blessed, royalties and numerous personalities that counts in our society, all because of ‘ORUNSEN’. I was not bothered about the proceeds of the launch as I was overjoyed to see my dream come to reality. Much thanks to IKODASS- Ikorodu Oga Development Association!

After the book launch on the 13-11-2017, I began to present the historic book to Ikorodu sons and daughters, even the invited guests who could not make it to the Book Launch.

In January 2018, I made some phone calls and met with Mayor Deen Sanwoola, Hon. Babajimi Benson, Otunba G. O. Abiru, Mrs Akinsanya, Dr. Taiwo Hassan, My Quiver Discovery team and Aunt Doyin Kukoyi separately. I shared with each of them my plan to ensure the historic book is presented in Canada, UK, USA. They all gave me words of encouragement that made me see it as a possibility.

Few weeks later, Hon. Jimi Benson (JB) linked me up with Barr. Longe for the presentation of ORUNSEN in UK. But God’s way of doing things are always different, maybe that was why the effort did not scale through. Yet he did not stop believing in me and what I stand for.

Behold, the book – ORUNSEN was presented in Chicago, USA on the 16th of July, 2018 by Association of ‘Korodu Descendants (AKD-USA). This was achieved with the support of my lovely big sis, Aolat Oluwatomisin Sule; a humanitarian, a Public speaker and an activist. Thank you so dearly Awele-ade.

I had fallen, risen, cried, laughed and above all fulfilled. I must confess it’s been fruitful days in just one year.

This is indeed another medium to appreciate you all that believed in the project, especially my parents; Chief & Olori A. O. Ladega, Hon. Adeola Adebisi Banjo, Hamed Ganiu, Hammed Oloyede, Akeem Odeyemi (the graphics guru), Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni and the Glass House goons (those times when I was depressed, they cheered me up). I am grateful.

And today, it’s a story of glory!

Aderoju Ladega – Kiniun Ikorodu
Author, ORUNSEN – The Source

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