Ode to Senator Tokunbo Abiru at 60: A Beacon of Benevolence

Ode to Senator Tokunbo Abiru at 60: A Beacon of Benevolence

In the vibrant tapestry of Nigerian polity,
There stands a figure, lofty and mighty,
Senator Tokunbo Abiru, a beacon of light,
Whose mantra of goodness brightens the night.

From the bustling streets of Lagos East, he rose,
Embarking on a journey that only he chose,
With a heart full of dreams and hands ready to serve,
He pledged to give his people the future they deserve.

“Doing Good, Greater Good for a Larger Number,”
A mantra not just spoken, but felt in slumber,
For in every act and every legislative motion,
Lies his unwavering, deep-seated devotion.

Through the corridors of power, his voice echoes loud,
For the silenced, the needy, he stands unbowed,
Pushing for roads to be mended, for laws to be just,
In his vision of governance, the people always trust.

Not just a lawmaker, but a guardian of hope,
Facilitating initiatives, helping his people cope,
From financial aid amidst a pandemic’s harsh storm,
To food packs and scholarships, his compassion takes form.

Schools and health centres, through his efforts, are born,
Youth centres and markets, no longer forlorn,
And the SAIL Innovation Lab, a testament to his name,
Empowering the youth, setting their spirits aflame.

Yet, amidst the accolades and the public’s adoration,
He remains humble, a rarity in his station,
For Senator Abiru, it’s not about the fame,
But about lighting others’ paths, setting hearts aflame.

So here’s to the man who’s become more than a senator,
An iconic brand personality, a visionary educator,
Tokunbo Abiru, Lagos East’s guiding star,
Your legacy of facilitating good will carry far.

May your years ahead be as impactful as those past,
And the seeds of your good deeds forever last,
For in the story of Nigeria, let it be told,
Of a banker turned senator, bold and bold.

Senator Abiru, a true leader by all accounts,
On the pillars of your mantra, your legacy mounts,
In the annals of time, your name will gleam,
A beacon of benevolence, every Nigerian’s dream.

By ‘Bosun Odeyemi
Poet, Creative Director & holistic Brand Strategist at “The vivove company.”


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