Obi, BudgIT Accused of Spreading Misinformation over Supplementary Budget

Obi, BudgIT Accused of Spreading Misinformation over Supplementary Budget

By Habeeb Ibrahim 

The Presidency has lashed out at Peter Obi and BudgIT, accusing them of spreading false information about a planned 2024 supplementary budget.

According to a statement released by Temitope Ajayi, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, the National Assembly only approved the extension of the capital components of the 2023 budget and 2023 supplementary budget to December 2024.

The Presidency criticized BudgIT for raising a “false alarm” based on rumors and accused Peter Obi of perpetuating misinformation. “BudgIT cannot afford to be flippant and unduly sensational,” the statement said. “We expect more responsibility from civic organizations like BudgIT.”

Obi had earlier accused the federal government of implementing four national budgets simultaneously, which he described as a “betrayal of democracy.” He warned that this action would lead to a competition for limited resources between frivolous items in approved budgets and essential projects, exacerbating the suffering of Nigerians.

BudgIT defended its position, expressing concern about the implications of the government’s decision on the country’s economic development. “We urge the government to prioritize transparency and accountability in its budgeting process,” said Gabriel Okeowo, Country Director of BudgIT.

The Presidency assured Nigerians that the government is committed to sustainable development and economic growth, and that all budgeting decisions are made with the best interests of the country at heart. The statement urged Nigerians to disregard the false claims and rely on official sources for information.


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