A Note To The World; Now That I am 30, Then What? By Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

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Dear World,

Today, I am in a fixated situation. A day much dreaded as come and I am conscripted to ask what follows. Like a loner on Route 50, I have looked at this day with philinistic surreal. I never expected to get this far, friends who knew me well will attest to that burning desire to quicken the steps of time though not through any personal committal. I have always see life in its most simple form of live to die with no strings attached.

In the last three decades, I have done almost everything an hyperactive youth should and should not do. I have been involved in the most dirty of games, I have lied to live,  survived on pilfering, do girls by finding holes, amongst many other things that rightly banish my sainthood to Armageddon. I have done almost everything most young men will probably do, acquired knowledge and survived a conscripted  university  structure.

Lagos State University is one institute where everything happened,  from base to base,  I lived the life worthy for kings even as a pauper. When tomorrow comes and the files are open,  many sins would be found in my growing up years, as I take this turn,  I apologise and hold myself responsible  for all crimes perpetrated by myself or in my name.  As the saying goes, man shall not live by bread alone,  those actions are part of growing up,  nothing more,  nothing less.

For the umpteenth time, let me say I abhor sainthood and anything close to it, I am not holy and do not want to be holy, however, I pray to be just and equitable. I want to do lasting profitable businesses, keep friends without backbiting them and love my wife (MJ) and Son (Ubuntu) and every other person(s) ordained by Allah to come in between them. I have taken life as it comes,  belief in my strength  while building on my weakness  for the better. I remain a candle in the wind of life; vulnerable, weak, fragile, or precarious and most likely to fail, perish, or be eliminated at any moment. That is who I am.

I have had dreams that never come to pass.  I have had visions which pursuing might be suicidal and I have hopes with brimless reach.  Today,  I wave at dreams gone,  visions that can never be realised and hold tenaciously to my hopes still afar. All my life,  I have wanted to be a Police Officer,  but today  there is a recruitment  I cannot participate  in,  that is how odd life can be,  not everything  you desire comes your way. A friend once said I will be a media guru (I still do not understand  what he meant by that), but in my church mind,  I want to be a farmer bringing food to a large spectrum of African families at a conservative yet profitable price. Without doubting fate, I believe it changes everything,  so I will stay on both ends.

I am a strong believer  in destiny without religious  inclination other than the oneness of God.  Be you Traditionalist,  Muslim,  Christian,  Hindu, Jew or atheist, I see the nothingness  in the supremacy fight,  religious war and the quest for conquest has spilled more human and animal bloods across generations thus putting  to question  on whose behalf are the killings being done,  then I ask, who are we to fight God’s war or make choices for the supreme Being? I retain my belief that no religion is superior none is inferior, if God wish, let Him cast one into oblivion. We must learn to stop fighting on God’s behalf.

After three decades,  I crave for peace all over the world and I hope my Son #Ubuntu and his siblings  will grow to witness a different  world,  where who you are, who you worship and how you worship will not be a basis for judgement.  A world where we are not judged by the colour of our skin or the language  we speak,  a world where human kindness and empathy  reins.

As I inched to my new age, I am running back to knowledge gathering in the remaining days no matter how short. In my new series of #PowerOfReading, I hope I will be able to breakdown barriers, travel to lands I might not reach and engage retinue of minds. In all, I just want to read,  be comfortable, be happy and be safe.

As the wishes roll in,  I thank all who have contributed  to my present  being,  from families  to friends to foes and leaders of thought.  Life will have been one miserably place without mothers, aunts,  sisters, nieces and wives.  So,  I dedicate today to all the women in my life,  you guys have been wonderfully  wonderful. Then, kudos to those brothers who never stopped believing in me. Thank you.

In the coming days, I shall write more letters,  to each according to his/her sizes as seen from my myopic view. This year,  will  be the Year of Letters even though I do not know how many I will pen before dropping the pen. But I shall write with no regrets.

After three circles, I am not disappointed in myself. I remain grateful with new expectations.  I pray not to be desperate for anything and still view the world as a place to live, love and die.

Since I might  lose count of the wishes,  permit me to do a joint appreciation  in advance.  I appreciate  every word from every part of the world. #Ubuntu – I am because you are.  Without you,  your wishes and prayers, I will probably be nobody today. I do not think I deserve anything but what Allah has ordained.  Thank you and be sure to Be Safe. I remain indebted for your kindness over the years.

Yours always,

Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni #ThreeDecades #Humbled

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