Note to My Daughter, Hazeemah As She Turns 3 By Idris Rahman

Note to My Daughter, Hazeemah As She Turns 3 By Idris Rahman

Note to My Daughter, Hazeemah As She Turns 3 By Idris Rahman

Dear Daughter,

Some people may think that attaining the age of 3 is no big deal, but you are changing so much and so fast that my head occasionally spins. Today, as you clock big 3, I will like to share with you some of my favourite thoughts about you.

Birthday girl, Hazeemah Rahman

You’re a “big” girl ahead of your time; you have been from the beginning. You were born a little bit early, you spoke early, expressed empathy for others early, and I have a feeling you’ll keep going on this trajectory because you’re already so wise and you understand so much. You’re sensitive, kind and insightful. You’re loving, outspoken and cuddly. I love the way you take my face in your hands and tell me that you love me. You always ask “are you happy?” I am happy, my darling girl. I have always been happy but I became happier the moment you came into our world and the family became bigger and lovelier. Adunife, you leave me in awe, every day!

You are so confident & brave. I pray these qualities stay with you and that your self-assurance won’t become tarnished by the world creeping in. I hope that your strong-will, which sometimes challenges my patience, remains a steady strength that takes you wherever your heart leads you. While it can be challenging because it sometimes delays me as I am rushing through one thing or the other, it is what I admire most about you, and I appreciate the pause that it sometimes forces me to take.

You are very smart! As an exceptional listener, you take in information in a way that impresses us every time you develop a new skill. When you are taught something, you don’t have to be told twice. Watching your mind work and being able to really have conversations is yet another joy for us. You’re engaging, bright, and tender. You express your feelings so maturely; it sometimes shocks us.

You are so compassionate. If anyone is crying, you dash to the scene to ask how you can help, offering a hug, kind words and whatever moral support you can. You dislike violence hence you can’t condone raised voices. You become sad on spotting unkindness in anyone. When someone is unkind to you, you lash back and sometimes get very angry, but you are learning to use words to express whatever injustice you feel.

You have a charisma that you aren’t even aware of yet. I believe it will serve you well. You make friends wherever you go. When you see babies, you are drawn to them; wanting to hug, kiss and make them smile. You already have quality friendships and you adore your friends and their families. They bring you joy, and you return it without any effort at all.

Your mum and I are ever grateful. The weight of the gift we were given when we became your parent is never lost on us. I wish I can keep you little forever, but I am looking forward to seeing you grow into the beautiful young lady you’re meant to be. You’ll do great things, my girl.

As you move into this new year of yours, my hope is that you will keep being the wonderful & beautiful you that you’ve always been. As long as you remember that Mum and Dad love you more than anything in this world, and stay true to yourself, all will be well. Stay strong, let your voice be heard, be kind, hold your family close. Know that you will always be loved, no matter what. And no matter how old you are, you will always be my Baby Girl.

With Love,



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