NIPCO, Lekki Free Zone And The Gas Alternative

NIPCO, Lekki Free Zone And The Gas Alternative


As a forward looking organization, with the desire to provide clean energy and uninterrupted power supply to industries domiciled within the Lagos Free Zone, Lekki Free Zone Development Company (LFZDC) has keyed into the prevailing gas revolution in the country.

In an agreement signed with NIPCO Gas LTD and NNPC Gas Marketing Limited, Lekki Free Zone’s gas pipeline that is expected to feed a 24 Mega Watts (MW) power plant within the free zone axis is expected to be completed in six months.

Nigeria’s gas reserve, now at 203.16 cubic feet, is the ninth largest in the world. This gas reserve can last 92 years and dramatically increase economic growth through upsurge in power generation.

The gas to power drive of retooling power generation in Nigeria has resulted in 8.15 kilowatt – hours (kWh) of every 10 kWh of electricity generated in Nigeria in the second quarter of 2020 coming from gas.

The Managing Director, LFZDC, Dai Shunfa, said the company had been in need of sufficient gas supply for many years. “We negotiated the agreement with NIPCO and NGML. It has become reality today.

“I believe this is a win-win situation for the parties. This will be a key facility for us,” said Mr Shunfa.

According to Mr Shunfa, some equipment had already been procured for the project and would be moved to site immediately after the signing ceremony.

The proposed gas infrastructure development will enhance business development in Ibeju Lekki community and also boost economic growth in Lagos.


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