Nigerians Lament As UBA Unlawfully Rentrenches Staff Across Nigeria

Nigerians Lament As UBA Unlawfully Rentrenches Staff Across Nigeria

Nigerians Lament As UBA Unlawfully Rentrenches Staff Across Nigeria


Nigeria’s Pan-African bank, the United Bank for Africa has come under heavy criticism as the financial institution advised several of its staff to willingly resign or be forced out of employment.

BlackBox Nigeria reliably gathered that the mass sack by UBA affected several of its employees across the country with some of them working for the bank in the last 12years. It was learnt that most of the affected employees were never informed of the tsunami until late Friday night when mails were sent.

It will be recalled that Nigerians woke up to the news that thousands of UBA staff got promoted with some getting up to 170% as increase in salary just as about 4,000 were newly recruited into the bank’s workforce, but not many knew that several thousands were axed in same process.

An employee of UBA who on the condition of anonymity disclosed to BBN360 though he was promoted, a couple of his colleagues were affected by the tsunami and they never saw it coming. He said, at least two people that were closed to him in his branch have both worked for 4 and 6 years and they never knew the reason they were asked to resign or get kicked out of the system. Another affected staff who have worked for the bank for 12years added that she just waited behind on Friday as instructed by a central message and got the mail requesting for her resignation from service.

Another employee who works in the Northern Branch of the Bank exclusively revealed to BBN360 Editor that the news of 170% increment was a hoax used to cover up the mass sack as the bank retrenched several staff. She added that even some of the staff that got promoted have been stagnant in same position in the last 5years as she mentioned herself as a victim even though she got promoted and not retrenched like some of her friends.

This mass retrenchment has since been generating reactions from social media users as many have been condemning the act by the bank and calling on the Nigeria Labour Congress to rescue the affected employees.

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