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Nigerians lament as prices of bread increase

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Yusuf Boluwatife

The struggling state of the Nigerian economy has resulted in a spiralling inflation as prices of goods and services suffer astronomical increases.

In August, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in a report stated that food inflation rose to 21.03 per cent due to the hike in the prices of local food items.

The prices of bread, the staple food consumed by most Nigerians, have jerked up, largely caused by the high cost of baking materials/ingredients as argued by bakers.

The Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria (AMBCN) had, in May, directed its members nationwide to increase prices of bread, and other items by 30 per cent, citing the sudden increase in the cost of production as well as the worrisome economic situation of the country.

BlackBox Nigeria on Tuesday gathered that in some areas in Lagos State, bread formerly sold for N100 now sells for N120, that of N120 now sells for N150 and that of N400 now sells for N500.

Some consumers who spoke to our correspondent decried the hardship caused by the increase, saying it has created more problems for the average Nigerian.

Confirming the increase in the prices of bread, a food vendor in the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) popularly known as Iya Onirù, said her bread suppliers haven’t supplied her bread for about two days, causing her business to flop.

“They keep complaining that ingredients used in making bread have tremendously increased. Currently, they are on strike even as they need to strategize and find a proper way to get into market again,” she added.

Yusuf Toluwalase, a student of LASPOTECH, narrated how she was shocked to know that the prices of bread have gone up.

The 18-year-old said her mum had sent her to get “Agege bread” from a shop about two days ago and only for her to be informed that the prices were no longer the same.

She added, “I used to think the prices of goods were multiplying. It’s exponential now! Not multiplying anymore.”

Dipeolu Oyero, a student of Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, expressed shock in the sudden increment in the price of bread.

She said, “An average student’s stomach finds joy after feeding on N150 bread but now it’s not the same as the N150 bread now sells for 200 and with reduced quality.”

Mrs Smith Bolatito, a microfinance banker, said though she wasn’t sure about the hike in the price of bread, it has however become a norm.

“Well, I am not sure there has been an increase in the price of bread, even if there is I don’t think it’s anything to make a fuss about. Afterall, prices of food items in Nigeria never ever seize to increase. Even though, it’s nothing to be proud of,” she said.

A student of University of Benin, Ojekwu Elvis said, “It’s surprising. I have been in Lagos for about two weeks only and I can’t help but wonder why things are so expensive. It’s everywhere though, but it’s really on the high side in Lagos State. I really don’t know anything about the hike in the price of bread currently, but if there it’s unfortunate that’s we have no choice than to embrace it. This is Nigeria you know.”

A resident of the Isolo area of Lagos, Saheed Alade said he only noticed bread has been scarce in recent times.

“Probably when bread is available for sale in the area again we will know what’s happening actually. As for now, I can’t really tell. But I know fresh bread has been scarce in the neighborhood.”

Mr Ibrahim, who lives in the Ojodu area, lamented over the scarcity of bread, describing it as punishment to Nigerians.

“Bread is just hard to get lately. That’s the only food item we can afford as the prices of foods have increased. The scarcity of bread is suffering to us,” he said.

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