Nigerians Demand Ban of Yomi Shogunle Over Stands On #EndSars Campaign

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Nigerians Demand Ban of Yomi Shogunle Over Stands On #EndSars Campaign 

There have been calls by Nigerians on Twitter that the account of the Yomi Shogunle, the head of  Police Public Complaints Rapid Response Unit be deactivated.


The tweet Nigerians feel was offensive

The tweet Nigerians feel was offensive

The campaign which began on Thursday followed a tweet by Shogunle himself where he tweeted; “186 million Retweets to #EndSARS. Oya let’s go!” – a tweet ostensibly mocking and deriding citizens who are calling for Police reforms in the wake of increasing Police brutality targeted at innocent citizens.

As at the last count over 5,000 people have signed the petition calling on Twitter to take Yomi Shogunle’s account down.


Three days ago, Shogunle tries to sensitize citizens on how to relate with police when he wrote, “NEVER ALLOW A POLICE CHASE OR PURSUIT TO OCCUR.

Don’t run away from the police, please wait/stop when requested to do so.

No Judge will give a verdict of wrongdoing against the police or award compensation for any accidental bodily injury or loss of life in the process. #YSGuide”

EndSARS: Nigerians Slam Police Response Unit Boss, Yomi Shogunle Over ‘Insensitive’ Tweet

It will be recalled that for about six months now, the #EndSARS campaign on social-media has been geared towards mobilizing citizens against the widespread recklessness, abuse of office, assault on innocent civilian and killings by Police SARS officials.

Olufemi Fasipe @YemieFASH one of the main advocates behind the campaign, wrote, “Dear @jack, 

On behalf of all well meaning Nigerians i ask that you take down @YomiShogunle‘s handle for being abusive and hateful, we Nigerians don’t want him here.. 

10k Retweets please.”

However, Henry Okelue @4eyedmonk tweeted that it will be difficult to takedown Shogunle’s account because Twitter itself frowns at intimidating another person’s account into silence.


“One of Twitter’s rules is that you must not intimidate another account into silence. That is what is playing out here. Those of you tweeting for Shogunle to be suspended for not breaking any Twitter rules are, in the eyes of Twitter, guilty of intimidation.”

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