Nigerian System Gave Birth To “Yahoo Yahoo” – Ramsey Noah

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Nigerian System Gave Birth To “Yahoo Yahoo” – Ramsey Noah


Talented Nollywood actor, Ramsey Tokunbo Noah has joined the social media debate about the internet fraud, popularly referred to as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria.

Recall that the topic became sensational some days ago after the nation’s anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission stormed a popular bite club situated at the back of Zonal Office in Ikoyi area of Lagos State. It was reported that group of people that were rounded up that night were suspected to be online fraudsters.

Speaking on the issue, Ramsey Noah disclosed that the Nigerian system gave birth to the ills as he advised observers and commentators to look down to the roots in order to get solutions, rather than mere looking at it from the stem.

He said, I’m going to be diplomatic about it, of course, there is a backlash to this yahoo yahoo thing and everybody knows that it’s not fair and not clean. However where I can’t blame…is that every time we talk about the ills of the society, I can’t but bring it down to the system. The system gave birth to all of these things, so if I wanna talk about issues like this I want to tackle it from the roots and not just tackle it from the stem.

“So the issue that everyone is just talking about the yahoo yahoo thing is that we are just looking at it from the stem. If you want us to find ways around it then let us look it from the roots, take it out from there then we can work it out to the stem,”

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