Nigerian students talk about relationships and money

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Romantic relationships, as beautiful as they seem, sometimes come with the inevitable reality of heartbreaks, loosely described by Gen Zers as being “served breakfast”.

“Breakfast” which in the Gen-Z parlance means heartbreak, has successfully fixed itself in the catchphrase: “Gbogbo wa lama je breakfast” — meaning every human must experience heartbreak.

BlackBox Nigeria spoke to some tertiary institution students to get their thoughts on why relationships crumble due to financial instability, particularly in cases where a woman opts out of a relationship due to financial incapability of her male lover.

While some people claimed that “staying with your broke boyfriend” is better than falling victims of toxic but gift-offering relationships. Others kicked against the perception, saying if anyone — irrespective of gender — finds a partner with whom they aren’t financially contented with, they better “meeeuve.”

A final year student of the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Adedeji Comfort said money is a very important aspect of courtship.

She noted that it wasn’t a gender-based argument, adding that the desperate need of money cuts across all genders as humans can be covetous.

She buttressed her point with an example of a female friend of hers who was served “breakfast” because she couldn’t get her boyfriend a birthday gift.

“Angelina, my very close friend, told me her boyfriend broke up with her cos he wanted a birthday gift from her and she couldn’t get him one. So you see, money is very important,” she said.

Isreal Fatoye, a student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) whose opinion slightly tallies with Adedeji’s, said a woman ‘stolen’ with money is covetous, adding that she should rather work for her own money.

A student of the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Bisuga Opeyemi said any girl won over with money didn’t have the intention of staying at the very least.

“It’s only someone who wants to stay that can be kept,” he quipped. “You can’t say you love me and one rich anonymous man just pops out from nowhere and takes you with him.”

A penultimate student of the Lagos State University, Akinsola Nofisah said there was no need for pressure. “Afterall as a lady, the man you are dating is in the same age range as you, so why force him to get you things you can’t get for yourselves? Well if he does, then it’s fine. If he doesn’t, then it’s fine still. No pressure!”

Another male student from Business Administration department of LASPOTECH, John Moses said, “Well it’s enough reason for a lady to end a relationship with you because of money. Not until you get her a car you know, just do the little things that matters with money! Money! Money!”

For Ayinde Bolaji, another LASPOTECH student, he’ll simply advise that everyone stays in a relationship their heart wants to.

“Walk away from any relationship you’re not contented with but at the same time be ready for the outcome of any relationship you find yourself in. Either positive or negative outcome,” he said.


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