Nigerian returns N150m mistakenly paid to his account

Nigerian returns N150m mistakenly paid to his account

Nigerian returns N150m mistakenly paid to his account

Mr Asemota returned about N150million to the bank who mistakenly paid him

For returning a huge sum of money mistakenly paid into his account, a certain Michael Jonathan Asemota has become a sensation as a unique ambassador of Nigeria.

Mr Asemota who is also known as Teddy recently made a statement to the world that Nigerians are honest people by returning QR1,502,000 ($441,127.99) about N150 million wrongfully posted into his account in Qatar.

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Asemota yesterday was hosted in Abuja by the Senior Special Adviser to President Buhari on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Matters Hon. Abike Dabiri Erewa where he narrated why he returned the money.

He disclosed that he went a commercial bank in Qatar where he is a resident to open an account with a cheque of QR150, 200 but the story changed when he got home.

“As I got back home, I received an alert showing that a QR1,502,000 had been credited into my account by mistake instead of QR150,200.

“I went to see the manager to report the error of QR1, 502,000 deposited into my account. After checking for confirmation, the manager gave me a warm handshake in appreciation.”

Asemota further explained that he returned the money because it doesn’t belong to him.

“I knew the money did not belong to me and shouldn’t be in my account in the first place, so there were no motives and temptations to keep it.”

An excited Abike Dabiri-Erewa commended Asemota for his display of honesty and sincerity.


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