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Nigeria@60: OneNigeriaAnkara Debuts in Lagos, See Link To Design Patterns, Purchase

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Nigeria@60: OneNigeriaAnkara Debuts in Lagos, See Link To Design Patterns, Purchase

Some unique patterns of the OneNigeriaAnkara fabric

Some unique patterns of the OneNigeriaAnkara fabric

As part of efforts to grow the Nigerian brand by producing what Nigerians wear, a foresighted individual in conjunction with the Head of Textile and fashion of Yaba College of Technology has designed what can be referred to as “One Nigeria textile. 


It is surprising that over 100 years of amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates to form what we call Nigeria today and almost 60 years of independence, Nigeria does not have a unifying textile. 

According to a statement made exclusively available to BlackBox Nigeria, the OneNigeria Textile is a conscious effort to further integrate the nation-states in Nigeria and promote Nigeria’s unity in diversity by projecting images and elements peculiar to Nigerian tribes in what we wear. 

In Japan, there is the kimono (which actually means “thing to wear” in Japanese) with different styles. There are women’s kimono and the men’s kimono for different occasions. 

Here in Africa, Kente is an indigenous Ghanaian textile, made of interwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton. So what stops the Giant of Africa from having its own unique brand that reflects the identity of geo-political zones?

With at least four design patterns, Nigerians can have a national material, designed with cultural identities of the 6 geo-political zones. The OneNigeriaAnkara can serve as Nigeria’s national pride.

While most traditional country wears are meant for special occasions, this OneNigeriaAnkara can be worn all year round styled into different designs as it suits the occasion. The unique thing about OneNigeriaAnkara is its ability to be styled alongside “westernized” outfits like jeans and a t-shirt.

The plan is to sew them into shirts, jumpers, scarves, Danshiki, T-shirts, ladies tops and dresses. It can also be used for national events regularly starting with Nigeria at 60 Independent celebrations.


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More images of OneNigeriaAnkara…

Bowler Hat

Bowler hat designed from OneNigeriaAnkara


Male short and beach wear

Male short and beach wear design

Female palazzo trousers

Female palazzo trousers from OneNigeriaAnkara

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