Nigeria maintains African lead as Commonwealth Games enter final day

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The 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham will no doubt be etched in the hearts of many Nigerians, thanks to the outstanding outing of Team Nigeria.

With the competition billed to wind up activities on Monday, the former sixth-place Team Nigeria is now number seven on the Commonwealth Games medal log after amassing a total of 35 medals, the highest recorded by any African country.

As of the end of Day 10, Team Nigeria had claimed 12 gold, nine silver and 14 bronze medals. Interestingly, all the gold medals were won by women. This feat means that the country successfully erased its previous best performance recorded at the 1994 Commonwealth Games with 11 gold, 13 silver and 13 bronze medals.

On the medal log, Nigeria is trailed by South Africa in the eighth position with a total of 27 medals: 7 gold, 9 silver and 11 bronze. Next in line is Kenya which holds 13th spot with 21 medals: 6 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze, while 15th-place Uganda has managed to claim only 5 medals: 3 gold and two bronze.

Both Cameroon and Zambia have 3 medals each, one gold, one silver and one bronze, to place 20th on the log. In the same vein, Mauritius and Ghana have 5 medals, holding the 27th and 28th places, respectively.

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