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Never lose weight to keep a man’ — Comedienne Lepacious Bose tells women

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Nigerian comedienne and actress, Bimbo Ogunboye better known as Lepacious Bose, has counselled chubby women who are harbouring the thoughts of trimming down because of a man.

The comedienne, who was once in the category of ‘fat ladies’, penned down a lengthy advice to women on her Instagram page on Wednesday, urging them never to loose weight to keep a man but for their health.

Lepacious Bose noted that only strong men could love a fat woman and only extra men could openly love such a woman.

She was reacting to a loved-up video showing a self-confident sizeable lady dancing with her man.

Her post read in part, “It takes a strong man, a real man to love a fat woman, it takes an extra man to openly love her, it takes a man and a half to ignore the naysayers and freaking marry her! Kudos to all the strong men who are not afraid to love fat girls, may your bank account never lose weight!

“Dear fat girl, if you want to lose weight, go ahead; do it! However do it for yourself, your health, your choice….. but never to keep a man! You see, if he’s not ready to fight for what he really wants then he’s not man enough for you…. Pls let him go! If he loves to be with you but wants to hide you from the world pls RUN! Most fat girls have the sweetest hearts and are wonderful lovers…. Trust me these men know it!!! They are just too wimpy to stay! You don’t need a wimp, you need a REAL MAN!”

The funnywoman started her weight loss journey around 2013, due to health challenges. She once revealed that she could not menstruate for 2 years due to her body size.

Abass Latifat Olamide is an undergraduate student of English Language at the Lagos State University. She is an extrovert by nature and admires hard work and consistency. Follow her on Twitter @Lartholomo,Instagram@Lartholomo,FB page@AbassLatifatOlamide.

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