Negative Reactions From Nigerians Over Country’s Bad Perfomance At #Rio2016

Negative Reactions From Nigerians Over Country’s Bad Perfomance At #Rio2016

No doubt the Olympic games is the most sought after sporting events which unites the world every four years. Earlier this month, so much expectations were raised, as many countries set their athletes out to represent and win medals. Team Nigeria was no exception as they appear to represent the most populous black nation at the Rio Olympics.

It would be recalled that the unexpected drama that ensued in Atlanta which saw the Dream Team VI getting to Brazil on the same day of their first match led to negative remarks which shadowed the entire team at the Mundial. The last straw that however broke the camel’s back was the non delivery of opening ceremony attire which forced the parade to wear their training track suites, instead of adorning traditionally made attires.

Nigerians from different works of life have condemned the poor performance of Team Nigeria at the competition. What is worthy of note is that, non of the athletes were criticized, all comments were directed at the less or non attention given to the sports sector by the government of the day.

From inadequate planning to poor funding, the Sports Ministry really got the preparations for the Olympics, and indeed, many critics did reveal they were not expecting any medal since the planning was as poor as that of last Olympics in London which eventually got Team Nigeria no medal.

Well, as the curtain was drawn on the sporting events yesterday, Nigeria managed to appear on the medal log *albeit at the bottom*, having won the bronze medal in the football men category.

While a country like Great Britain spent about £250bn on 366 athletes which competed in twenty-five sports and won twenty-seven gold, twenty-three silver and seventeen bronze, Nigeria spent N2.5bn on 77 athletes which competed in ten sports and only got a bronze medal in one of the sports.

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