Naira Marley Releases Private Phone Conversation with Late Mohbad Amidst Accusations

Naira Marley Releases Private Phone Conversation with Late Mohbad Amidst Accusations

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Nigerian musician Naira Marley has stirred controversy by sharing a recording of a private phone conversation he had with his former record label signee, Mohbad, who tragically passed away on September 12.

This move comes in the wake of mounting accusations and allegations against the singer regarding Mohbad’s untimely demise.

Mohbad, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji, had been at the center of a storm of controversy before his death.

Disturbing videos emerged online, depicting him being physically assaulted and harassed by individuals allegedly associated with Marlian Music, the record label founded by Naira Marley.

The situation escalated further when a video surfaced showing Mohbad openly expressing concerns about his safety and implicating Naira Marley.

In the video, he suggested that Naira Marley should be held accountable if anything untoward happened to him, intensifying suspicions and outrage on social media.

Responding to these allegations, Naira Marley took to the public domain to assert his innocence.

He claimed that he was not in the country at the time of Mohbad’s tragic passing and sought to clear his name from any involvement in the circumstances surrounding the young artist’s death.

In an unexpected move, Naira Marley shared a video recording of a conversation he had with Mohbad before the tragic events.

The video serves as a testament to their communication, showing Mohbad apologizing for his previous statement and hinting at personal struggles.

During the conversation, Naira Marley can be heard offering guidance and support to Mohbad, urging him to refrain from thoughts of self-harm and encouraging him to speak freely about his troubles.

In one part of the conversation, Naira Marley said,

“So, you don’t feel like killing yourself again? This was just an hour ago when you locked yourself up in the room. I’ve told you to be free and say whatever you want to say.”

This latest development adds another layer of complexity to the already controversial circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing. 

As the public awaits further information and investigations into the matter, opinions, and reactions on social media remain divided, with many questions yet to be answered regarding the events leading up to the tragic loss of young talent in the Nigerian music industry.



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