#NaijaResistance! Seun Kuti Mobilises Youth To Resist Public Corporations

#NaijaResistance! Seun Kuti Mobilises Youth To Resist Public Corporations

Resistance: As James Baldwin once mentioned, I also can’t really tell if every profession in Nigeria is against me but I know the institutions and personnel that represents them are.

I can’t say the lawyers hate Nigerians but I know their collaboration with the elites (many of them a part of the class as well) and public officials (many of them part of this class as well) proves to me that they do. The best lawyers in Nigeria defend criminality and cooperate interests. If Deziani can’t be arrested or tried today look no further than the Nigerian judiciary and legal profession for the answer.

As the youths we must resist this class
I can’t say the bankers hate Nigerians but I know their collaboration with the elites ( many of them a part of this class) and our public officials ( many of them a part of this class) proved to me that they do.

A common man can’t get a loan to pull his family out of poverty without being given conditions that will worsen his situation and make the loan unattainable but the rich and corrupt can take as they please without collateral. Those without are forced to bring and those with (collateral) are given without security the debt that is accrued is then , wait for it, charged on the common man who has been refused his own upward mobility. The recent Skye bank debacle proves this point. When the government says it is protecting depositors money by giving the bank 200bn of tax payers money ( u got my back I got yours). Tell me who is the depositor and who is the tax payer? Where do the best minds in the bank work? Money laundering department or customer and public protection department? I will let u decide that one. Shall we not resist?

I can’t say the educationists hates us but I can tell u their institutions happily miseducates us. Happily teaches us self hate and instills a certain pride in ignorance upon us. Shall we not resist.
I shall write more on how u can resist inside these institutions and bring about the best in us as a people. In the coming days please look to my page if you are interested. I will also share tips on m twitter handle.

You see I have done the protest thing and realized that it just makes people rich and some kids of the elites who are benefiting from our pain can absolve themselves of guilt. You see everyone can protest but not everyone can RESIST. I give u #naijaresistance. It’s not a one day thing and we don’t have to gather to make it happen. It’s broad and takes coaching and we will give it but it’s powerful because anywhere y are u can RESIST.

A Learner

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