Music Sensation Naira Marley Throws Weight Behind Sanwo-Olu Re-Election Bid

Music Sensation Naira Marley Throws Weight Behind Sanwo-Olu Re-Election Bid

Promise Eze

Nigerian singer Naira Marley on Wednesday night took to his Instagram page in a live video to express himself and declare his support for Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The singer said Sanwo-Olu was the best man for the job.

Marley urged Lagosians to reelect for Sanwo-Olu in order to move Lagos forwards and farther than he’s done in the last four years.

“I’m not a fan of politics or anything like that. But, the way Lagos is going right now, I don’t think we need to be testing. We don’t need to start testing at all”, he stated.

“I think Sanwo-Olu is the right man. He’s the right person for the job, I’m not gonna lie. This is not a paid promo or anything but just looking at everything he has done, common guys.

“Look at everything he has done, he has achieved a lot, the results are there. You get me?! And he also has the experience, you know.,” he said.

Further expressing the conviction that Sanwo-Olu possesses the wherewithal to drive the State farther in all aspects while emphasising the need to ditch the idea of testing another candidate, the ‘Vawulence’ singer added: “If it is left to me, I know he is going to move Lagos forward.

“You can tell, look at the result; actions speak louder than words obviously. If you see all the ongoing projects, common bro. You can’t tell me not to speak up, I need to talk. I am a Nigerian.

“I’m not APC, I’m not LP, I’m not PDP…but I’ll speak up when I see something that isn’t palatable.


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