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Mr Macaroni blasts VP Osinbajo, calls him “incompetent”

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Adetona Abdulrazaq


Nigerian actor and comedian, Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has berated the county’s vice-president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

In a series of fiery tweets on Wednesday, the comedian said he was disappointed in the vice-president, over his performance in government since 2015

Mr Macaroni’s statements were triggered by the Tuesday attack by bandits on the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA).

“I remember how i struggle to present this to the vice-president during my time as SUG president, he just assumed office then and with all i read and heard about him, i said the professor will definitely make us proud, but now they said his hands are tied,” he wrote.


According to the comedian, Osinbajo is complicit in the failures of the present adminstration, saying he demonstrated his “incompetence” in fostering positive change since he assumed office as the vice-president.

“Those defending the vice-president always admit that the government is incompetent, they claim that as much as the VP wants to make things work, he has no power to, are we not all saying the same thing?, That the government is a failure, Epele, must be a tough job,” the entertainer said.

“The invasion of the NDA is a pointer to how emboldened Bandits and Terrorists have become in our Country. It is also a reality check. If the NDA can be attacked and military men kidnapped then who is safe in Nigeria.”

He added, “Saying it one more time for emphasis!!! The present government is a failure and the vice-president is not an exception! Terrorists are being pampered and forgiven while innocent citizens are being targeted, threatened and even killed. The govt must do better!!!”



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