Mohbad: Obesere Advises Upcoming Artistes on Contracts

Mohbad: Obesere Advises Upcoming Artistes on Contracts

Mohammed Taoheed 

Abass Akande, better known as Obesere, a popular Nigerian fuji singer has urged upcoming artistes to carefully consider the long-term implications of their contracts before signing them.

Speaking over the death of Mohbad, he said: “Young people need to think about the future of the contract they sign. They should know that their actions today determine tomorrow’s outcome, except God decides to turn things around (for them).

“But, not everybody will be that lucky. That is why they must carefully peruse the terms of their contracts with someone who knows better, even if they cannot afford a lawyer. Most importantly, young artistes should always ask for God’s guidance in whatever they do.”

He said, “I feel bad about it. I did not even know him until his death. I might have come across his songs being played and didn’t know they were his. It is sad that his death has brought him and his works more fame. There are lots of lessons to be learnt from this saga.”


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