Midnight Blues With Mujidah Mojeed-Sanni By SM-S

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Midnight Blues With Mujidah Mojeed-Sanni By SM-S


Dear Omolola,

As the day breaks, I remember where we started, where we are and where we hope to be. Amidst all, I give adorations to Allah for the woman you are becoming against all odds. So many sacrifices you have made on my behalf, so many burdens you have shouldered yet you have remained your calm self, soldiering amidst raising tribulations. 


Today, I reserve every comment just to celebrate the love we have shared, I know you will have misplaced the messages below, so I am sharing them with you on this May occasion reigniting everything you are to me. I love you unconditionally and pray to Allah to preserve us for each other against roving eyes. I am yours, you’re mine till death do us apart MJofLife.

My RIB (find meaning inside text)

Late Night Blues… 

As the night comes upon us, I reflect about us, the sacrifices you have made and pains you have endured to keep us going. You deserve the very best and I don’t regret marrying because you compliment me with your sincere love and prayers. I love you like kiloshele…sleep tight my soul bearer. Be Safe. SM-S


So I am reading this new book on how to be an effective person. A chapter talked about ‘Finding A Way To End A Day’, all through the day, I was looking for the perfect way and I have found it. To tell you, I Love You. Be Safe. SM-S

You are the strongest woman I know… doing so many things yet concealing the pressure. Knowing you made me a better man is the reason why I won’t give up on you till you are the very best – Respected… Independent… Beautiful (RIB). Happy Women’s Day my RIB. Be Safe. SM-S

My sweet potato: edible in and out

Motherhood is the only job that pushes you to the brink yet you still find joy in not breaking. Women strive through dusk hoping for fulfilment at dawn. You have been a solid back we climbed upon and cannot but wish you smiles at dawn. From myself and Ubuntu (now Uhuru) with much love. Success in exams. Be Safe. SM-S

As the first set of morning dew arrives, I missed the little space we share. Knowing you is comfort. I cannot wait to see the world with you. 381. Be Safe. SM-S 

Three Words. Eight Letters. One Meaning. Is how I can define how much I have come to identify with your being. Remain forever young. 381. Be SM-S

I always count myself lucky to have you. Nothing gives a man focus like a praying woman. I adore you for your chastity. I adore you for your contentment. I adore you for your care. This is just to let you know,  I love you more than you love me. 381. Be Safe. SM-S

There is this feeling I often felt when you are not around. The feel to be crazy with you, to take you places and be forever in love. Don’t know what often slows us down when you are around. I want you to be everything, best mother, best wife, the best sister without losing who we should be. 381. Be Safe. SM-S

It is raining here and the weather is getting cold. I looked at us, where we used to be, where we are now,  where we are going and I am loving you more. The task to keep this home is a task that must be done. I didn’t say it will be easy but we would not give up because we are almost there. 381. BSafe. SM-S


If the moment is hard, be strong for me. Every passing day has its count and it will add up. What is not enough shall overflow soon. Best wishes. 381. Be Safe. SM-S


Happy Birthday Mujidah ’Gold’ Amusa Mojeed-Sanni, from all of us who often annoy you yet you cannot do without. We love you. Be Safe.


Yours forever,


Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni


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