Microsoft Closes Lagos Office, Relocates to Kenya

Microsoft Closes Lagos Office, Relocates to Kenya

By Muminat Ajide

Microsoft has officially closed its office in Lagos, Nigeria, and will relocate to Kenya by the end of June 2024.

According to Alex Onyia, CEO of Educare, the company has dissolved its staff in Nigeria and will pay their last salaries by June.

“Microsoft Nigeria has officially closed down. All their Nigeria staff have been dissolved. Their last salary will be this June. They will shut down their office in Lagos by end of June. They have moved to Kenya. What a time to be a Nigerian!” He writes.

The move is seen as a response to a hostile business environment in Nigeria, with netizens expressing mixed reactions.

While some believe the company couldn’t compete with local competitors, others speculate that Microsoft may have received intelligence reports of an impending crisis in Nigeria.

The closure has sparked concerns and sadness among many, with some lamenting the loss of jobs and opportunities.

BestTemperature tweeted, “The economy’s hostility towards foreign companies forces them to seek favorable business environments. We’ll learn a lesson once the current administration’s term ends.”

MRBRIKILA1 and Benking443 echoed similar sentiments, questioning Microsoft’s ability to compete with local businesses, particularly the “computer village guys.”

However, lordspartner offered a different perspective, suggesting that the company’s departure might be driven by intelligence reports of an impending crisis in Nigeria, rather than economic reasons. “I pray it’s not war,” the user added.

Adenikeawe1 simply expressed sadness at the news, saying it was “very saddening.”


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