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Meet Nigerian king who works as a bus driver in New York

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James Oladipo Buremoh is not just your average personality, he is a man of many parts.James Oladipo Buremoh BBN360

Many years ago, he was known as Ladi the African Tiger when he fought as a professional wrestler in America with the likes of Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior et al. In fact, he was the only African in the game after Kamala the Ugandan Giant.

Over two decades later, the huge ebony fellow now works as tour bus driver in New York city.  Ayo Animashaun and James Oladipo Buremoh BBN360

For Nigerians and other foreigners who have been on tour in the city, there is a chance that you must have met with this really big black man who is described as always jovial.

However what many do not know is the fact that the big black man who drives a tour bus in NYC is actually a Nigerian king…yes you read that right.

BlackBox Nigeria investigations have shown that James Oladipo Buremoh is the traditional ruler of Idera, a town in the outskirts of Kwara state. FB_IMG_1471532686756

His Royal Majesty, Oba James Oladipo is the Onidera of Idera, a throne once held by his grandfather who founded the town before the coming of the missionaries.

The grandfather however embraced the new religion preached by the missionaries then becoming an evangelist. FB_IMG_1471532857362

Unlike most of the other monarchs who live with their subjects participating in the day to day running of his town, Ladi however still lives in America where he continues working as a driver.

He was also one of the monarchs who received the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye and his entourage on their recent visit to the united states. FB_IMG_1471532878362FB_IMG_1471532910557

What is your opinion about his story? Do you think it is odd for royalty to work as a driver?

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