Marriage Is A Scam And Mine Is Proof By Kayode Badmus

Marriage Is A Scam And Mine Is Proof By Kayode Badmus


It’s time I told my story, I just have to.

It’s been almost five years and I have silently suffered this scam you all call marriage. I have watched as a girl I brought from nowhere (BRT Queue actually) tactically steal everything I hold precious, doing it gleefully while throwing it at my face.
Everybody see us and believe all is well because we put up a front to show we are fine but personally I am burning up within as I see this lady take advantage of me.

I am more shocked at my family for allowing this and behaving like all is well when in actual fact, they are part of the plan by enabling her steal everything I hold dear.

So it all started with me introducing her to my family almost seven years ago, first as my friend as we watched where the tide took us. Then, they came to understand that she was actually my girlfriend as the relationship went deeper. About ten months later, I proposed to her and that is where the real problem started.

First it was my younger sister who got so attached to this new lady she had barely just met. I mean, we have lived together for at least 20 years, but all of a sudden, I was learning about your activities from a babe you have known for barely a year. I blame myself for this though because I encouraged this closeness as she was even the plug for the purchase of my proposal ring.
Okay, let’s say they are of the same generation so it’s understandable if they gel so well.

However, how do I explain my parents?
These days, these folks can go days sometimes weeks without talking to me and they act like all is fine but unknown to me, they can’t go a day without talking to this stranger I brought into the family.
Sometimes I speak to my mum after several days or even weeks and I am shocked she is up to date about things I try telling her. How?

So this woman goes behind me to get information from that babe again!
My mum would practically be in the know of my routine, when I am at work and when I am home or what I have recently achieved or what challenge I am facing. But mummy, we haven’t spoken in days?
Imagine my mum saying “shey o late de ibi ti onlo ni ana (hope you weren’t late for your appointment yesterday morning)”. Haha, mummy how are you up to date with even the tiny bits of my life!
Apparently this woman spend long hours conversing with that babe I introduced her too.
I am on the phone with my parents and barely after a few pleasantries and catching up, I hear, “Iyawo e nko, se owanbe. Gbe fonu fun” (how is your wife, is she there? Give her the phone)..
Weren’t you people just talking for a long time two hours ago?
Iya Kofo, have you forgotten I am your only son?

My dad is also not left out.
I thought men do not betray themselves but this man is even more of my wife’s padi than he is with me. Haha, this man was my best friend before I got married o. Daddy, emi Junior ma ni, kini o n sele gangan?

The most shocking part is my elder sister who lives abroad.
Aunty Kofo, how did this babe get to you too? You can’t imagine these people who for the first 3 to 4 years of our marriage had never met, but are now as close as blood sisters. The first time they met and I was trying to be a middleman to thaw any strain that might be, I got the shock of my life as I was relegated to the background and they related like they grew up in the same house and had only just not seen for a month or two. This life is hard.

My closest friends are not left out too. Those ones will make arrangements with me not by talking to me o. They will plan about me attending an event or fixing something by talking to this babe you barely know.
I don’t understand, shey she go LASU with una ni abi una dey work for the same office?

I have come to accept my fate. I have come to learn that marriage is a scam by some babes to steal from you. There are some of these girls who would use you to steal your family away from you. I am still in awe how this babe got closer to my family than me.

Dear Abimbola, please tell my family I love them, and that these 5 years of being your husband has been the best scam in the world. Cheers to 100 more years 🥂


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