Man Narrates How Lekki Police Beg “Yahoo Boy” To Slap Officer After Speaking With “Oga At The Top”

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Man Narrates How Lekki Police Beg “Yahoo Boy” To Slap Officer After Speaking With “Oga At The Top”


An eyewitness of an altercation between officers of the Nigerian Police and an unnamed suspected fraudster, popularly referred to as Yahoo Boy has disclosed how the latter was begged to return a slap he was earlier given.

According to the eyewitness, simply known as Rouvafe, the Police officers accosted the supposed yahoo boy while driving in his car in Lekki area of Lagos, an argument ensued and he was slapped and bundled to the Police Station.

He narrated that on getting to the Station, the arrested man put a call through to an unknown high ranking officer who then spoke with the officers and ordered that he be begged and released immediately. The man however agreed to their plea by requesting he is allowed to return the slap on the officer that assaulted him at point of arrest.

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So this Yahoo Boy pays the right Oga in the police. This particular day he was driving around in Lekki and some policemen stopped him, they had an altercation and one of the Policemen slapped him and they took him to the station.

They got to the station and he decided to call the Oga on his payroll. Long story short, they apologized to him profusely and asked him what they can do to placate him. He said he needs to slap the policeman that slapped him back.

Well, the policeman arranged his cheeks and collected his slap jejeje.

The Guy gave each of them of duty that evening 10k and left.

Morale of the story, for the right price and connect, anything is possible in Nigeria. Money > the Law.

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