Man Laments As Sterling Bank Paid Him Fake 5000 Euros, Demands Refund

Mohammed Taoheed 

A Nigerian man, identified as Lengendary Papi, has taken online to decry how the Sterling Bank paid him a fake sum of 5000 euros.

Explaining how it happened on his Twitter handle, he said that he was in the bank earlier this year to make a deposit but when he went back in May, the bank started telling him stories.

According to him, he said: “Ooh Nigeria has happened to me, I’m writing this with so much despair. On 24 January 2023, I deposited the sum of 5000 euros to my domicinary account at Sterling Bank at Kaduna branch Nigeria.

“I went to the bank on the 30th of May, 2023 to make a withdrawal of the money, and they told me they didn’t have the complete 5000 that I should collect 3000 from them and go to their main branch to collect the rest but I refused because they were going to charge me.”

He said that upon withdrawal, he gave the money to his friend who was traveling to the United Kingdom but when the latter got to the currency exchange market, the money was said to be “counterfeit”.

Papi added that he wanted a refund because the money was his hard-earned money.


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