Looking for missing persons? Find them here!

Looking for missing persons? Find them here!

Bolu Zara


According to Section 90 of the Nigeria Police Act (2020), every person in Nigeria has a duty to report to the Police a case of any missing person within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, a website (www.missingperson.com.ng) has been built with the aim of serving as a platform to post missing people and also reach out to their families when you recognize any of the faces posted there.

Some of the persons whose pictures have been posted on the website and declared missing, are listed below;

Prosper Okoli, who is guessed to be within the ages of 30-39, and was reported missing on 22nd of April 2021.

Abiodun Alo Abiodun, who should be around 40-49 years of age, and was reported missing on the 12th of August, 2021.

Abdulsalam Abdulrahman, a boy in his late 10s, who was reported missing on 28th July, 2021, and many others.

There are four basic procedures to follow to make use of the website;
• Register to use the app.
• Fill in details of the missing person and upload
• The missing person details will be sent across MissingApp platform.
• Then, an email will be sent to the registered family of the missing person once such individual is found.

Visit www.missingperson.com.ng for more details.


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