List of FIFA World Cup quarter-finals

List of FIFA World Cup quarter-finals


Fatimah Idera

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is progressing to its final stages. The World Cup which started on the 20th of November has advanced to the quater-finals of the competition.

Out of the 32 teams that began their adventure in Qatar, only eight will remain after the round of 16 Knockout stages.

After a dramatic display from Portugal tonight to knock out Switzerland from the FIFA World Cup after a 6-1 win to qualify for the quarter-final stage. Below are the teams that have secured their place in the quarter-finals.

Teams that qualified for the quarter-finals of Qatar 2022 are; Netherlands, Argentina, France, England, Croatia, Brazil, Morocco and Portugal

The quarter-finals fixtures of the FIFA World Cup are; Netherlands vs Argentina, Croatia vs Brazil, England vs France, Morocco vs Portugal which will start on Friday by 4:00pm (CAT).


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