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Lawyer breaks internet after showing up in court in ‘traditionalist’ attire

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There was a mild drama at the Supreme Court in Abuja on Thursday after a Lagos-based lawyer, Malcolm Omirhobo attended proceedings in an outfit that bore semblance to traditional worshippers.

Pictures of the legal practitioner dressed in a rather unusual attire surfaced on social media, and have since sparked mixed reactions from Nigerians.

Robed in a white shirt and black long robe like regular lawyers, Omirhobo however made his outfit bizzare with a red wrapper seen around his waist as well as a charm-looking object dangling on his neck.

Reminiscent of herbalists in Nollywood movies, he also had a white circle drawn around his right eye.

Report has it that the lawyer revealed that he dressed in such manner to exercise his fundamental human right to freedom of religion as enshrined in the 1999 Nigerian constitution.

This move came in response to the decision of the apex court to approve the use of hijabs by female students in Lagos State-owned schools.

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