Lateefat Odunuga’s book will teach you how to manage anxiety

Lateefat Odunuga’s book will teach you how to manage anxiety

Promise Eze

Lateefat Odunuga, a young leader and the founder of One Young African, USA, has dropped a new exciting book about how to manage anxiety.

Lateefat, a mental health specialist and an independent youth consultant working in the United States, calls her book ‘Zuri’s Quest: Managing Anxiety.’

In an interview, the first class Graduate of Psychology from Lagos State University noted that “Zuri’s Quest is the story of a young girl who encountered bullying in school after being selected as the main character of a school play. Zuri developed anxiety over time due to not being able to handle stressors at school.”

Zuri’s Quest follows Zuri, who is facing some unpleasant bullies who are undermining her confidence and making her time at school and performance more difficult. But then she finds in her mother’s advice and supports a way to confront her anxiety. In addition to the story, the book includes actionable tips for managing anxiety that readers can apply in their daily life easily. It might even teach a few useful tips to the parents and teachers who can use it as a resource.

It is hoped that the book will enable teens and even younger kids who experience a lot of anxiety without having the words to name what they are experiencing or the tools to manage it learn how to do so.


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  • Lateefat , April 6, 2023 @ 7:37 pm

    Thank you Blackbox Media . I encourage parents to purchase this book for their children. Lots of Love, Lateefat

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