LASU issues fresh directives on dress code for students

LASU issues fresh directives on dress code for students

By Elsie Udoh

The Lagos State University (LASU) has issued fresh directives to curb indecent dressing among its students.

According to an updated list containing 15 indecent dressings among students released by the university management, it was noted that students have been found disregarding the institution’s rules on indecent dressings.

Against this background, the LASU Vice Chancellor, Professor Ibiyemi Bello, directed that provosts and deans, among others, should ensure decent dressing among students in their departments.

Lecturers are also enjoined to deny indecently dressed students from attending lectures.

The modes of dressing that the university constitutes as indecent include transparent/skimpy dresses, Dirty (Crazy) and baggy jeans, tight-fitting dresses as well as dresses with seductive inscriptions, face caps wearing, body piercings, and fixing of long lashes and long nails among others.

The university also rejects the wearing of slippers, distractive knocking shoes, and wearing of earrings, necklaces and dreadlocks by male students.

LASU first introduced its dress code in 2015 under the leadership of the then Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Obafunwa. This move was a concerted effort by the university to build mature students in both minds and character.


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