Lagos State Youth Speaker Cautions Against Slander Of Commissioner Akinbile Yusuf Uzamat

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Lagos State Youth Speaker Cautions Against Slander Of Commissioner Akinbile Yusuf Uzamat

The Speaker of Lagos State Youth Parliament, RT. Hon Seriki Muritala, has cautioned against unduly calling of names in the build up to the 2019 elections in Lagos State.

In a statement made available to BlackBox Nigeria, Seriki said efforts to slander the personality of the current Commissioner for Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment, Pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile Yusuf, over the position of Deputy Governor is taking politics of hate to far in Lagos State.

He noted that the attention of the youths of Lagos State have been drawn to a certain online publication The Elites Nigeria trying to defame the character of an exemplary leader who has be meritorious in serving Lagos State.

“Our attention has been drawn towards a statement publish by The Elites Nigeria on her blog www.theelitesng. com targeted at discrediting Pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile Yusuf.

“We hold that the statement is a mere cheap propaganda aimed at defaming Iya Ewe of Lagos, for the public to consider her unfit as Deputy Governor of Lagos State,” he said in the statement.

The Lagos State Youth Speaker stated that though the Parliament will not want “to meddle in the politics of who become the Deputy Governor “ but will not stand while the image and name of Uzamat Akinbile Yusuf, who stood like a mother pillar to the parliament when she was the Lagos State Commissioner for Ministry of Youth and Social Development.

“During her tenure at the ministry of youth, she among other things ensure the establishment of the Ibile Youth Academy, production and launching of the Lagos State Youth Policy Documents and support the implementation of youth oriented programmes and ideas.

“We recall that, it was during her time that the Lagos State Youth Parliament organized her first ever Lagos State youth summit which became a reality with her support. Also Pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile Yusuf has been at the forefront of providing leadership in ensuring that the ministry of wealth creation and employment fulfill her core responsibilities, these we can attest to. She has directly or indirectly create jobs for many youth in LAGOS that we can attest to.”

The Parliament stated further that pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile Yusuf is an ICON of exemplary leadership and urge members of the public to jettison any flimsy claim to discredit her name.

“Lagos State Youth Parliament is proud to associate with Pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile Yusuf, the auspicious Commissioner for Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment. A woman of substance, highly intelligent who is positively poised to serve. We wish her a successful administration because we know she is responsible and capable of handling any sensitive position.”

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