Lagos RRS Arrests Driver Of Slot Nigeria In Kaduna Over Eloping With N6m Worth Of Goods

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A driver of popular gadgets retail outlet, Slot Nigeria Limited has been arrested by operatives of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad over diversion of N5.95m worth of goods; laptops, mobile phones and accesories.

It was gathered that the RRS arrested Olumide Babajide in Kaduna State where he was tracked from Lagos State and ecovered goods worth N4,654,224.

It was gathered that the driver was engaged in March, 2017 by the Ikeja based company. He was instructed to transport the consignment to Slot Outlet in Victoria Island, Lagos on May 2nd, 2017 when he eloped with everything.

“I was to deliver it to another outlet in VI, Lagos but instead I took the goods to Pam-Pam Hotel, Ikeja, while I returned the company’s Hilux truck to our official garage.

“This wasn’t the first time I would be moving laptops, mobile phones and their accessories from one outlet to the other.Since I joined the company in March and I was assigned the job of a delivery man, it had been my idea to divert the goods and abscond,” Olumide disclosed.

He continued, “Before I got to Kaduna, I already contacted one of the buyers. She bought N1.4m worth of the goods while I sold in unit to some other buyers as well.”

Sources disclosed that the suspect at Kaduna dashed out about 10 mobile phones to passers-by. He also gave out tow phones to a new mistress while he bought a Peugot 206, 1999 model for N912,000.

Olumide who is a father of three is a Diploma in Computer Science holder was also reported to have procured a 32 inch LCD TV for N62,000 while lodging in a hotel as he abandoned his wife and children who were also in Kaduna.

Source: IBja

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